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Three Ways To Get Active With Your Canine Companion

With spring comes fresh blooms, much-anticipated warmer weather, and most importantly, a time to reflect on your four-legged companion’s health habits. April is National Canine Fitness Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness around the topic of canine obesity and the importance of an active, balanced lifestyle for your pet. To get you on track to paw-sitive canine fitness habits, we’re here to explore three ways you can embrace movement alongside your beloved companion.

Keep It Simple With Daily Walks

Mastering canine fitness does not have to be complex or time-consuming. In fact, it’s perfectly fine to keep it simple as long as you remain consistent. For those who prefer low-impact workouts, incorporating a daily walk into your and your dog’s day-to-day routine is an excellent way to enhance your pet’s activity levels. The fresh air, environmental smells, and movement are sure to bring a wealth of advantages to both you and your dog while keeping the troublesome risks of canine obesity at bay.

Spruce Up Playtime

Rather than toss your dog a bone or toy to play with beside the couch, consider sprucing up playtime. Engage in active play with your pet to boost their stamina, energy levels, and fitness. This may include playing fetch with a ball or Frisbee outdoors, playing hide and seek with your pet’s daily treat allowance to get their mind and body working, or introducing fitness games around mealtime.

Group Fitness Redefined

Reconceptualize group fitness with perhaps the most reliable partner available. Opt for working out with your pet rather than by yourself. When you take a moment to engage in some mindful yoga stretches, a dip in the pool or lake, or a good run outdoors, consider bringing your pet along to reap some advantages of movement. You may need to lure them with a treat or toy to get started, but with consistency, this can be an excellent opportunity to get moving and bond with your pet.

For more information on Canine Fitness Month and the ways you can improve your pet’s fitness, contact your trusted veterinarian today.