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Show Your Pet How Much They Mean To You This Coming Pet Appreciation Week

Pet Appreciation Week, also known as PAW, takes place June 4-10. If you’ve never heard of this celebration, Pet Appreciation Week is a pet-focused holiday created in 1981 by The American Veterinary Medical Association as a way to raise awareness for all the value and love pets brings to our lives while carving out a special week solely about them.  

So, if you want to take part in this meaningful celebration for your beloved pet, but aren’t sure how, here’s a couple of ideas to show your pet how much they mean to you this coming Pet Appreciation Week! 

Plan Your Pet’s Favorite Activity 

Whether you’re the proud owner of a couch-potato who loves nothing more than to snuggle up on your lap as you watch TV, or the owner of a rambunctious pet who can’t wait for their next outdoor adventure, plan a day to engage in your pet’s favorite activity during Pet Appreciation Week. As life gets busy, we don’t always have time to devote a day to our pets. However, now is the perfect time to carve out a day of quality time with your pet to show them how much they are loved and appreciated. 

Buy Your Pet a Tasty Treat 

All pets have a favorite tasty treat that they may only get on special occasions. Pet Appreciation Week is the best time to stock up on your pet’s favorite treats–your local pet store may even have sales just for the occasion. Alternatively, you may get creative and put your baking skills to the test by making your pet some homemade cookies to enjoy.

Schedule a Veterinary Visit 

Even if your pet is a little anxious when going to the veterinarian, scheduling a veterinary checkup for your pet is the ultimate form of love and gratitude. A health checkup will ensure that your pet is in optimal shape while providing you with strategic recommendations and insight to help ensure they remain safe, happy, and healthy for years to come. 

For more information about how to show your pet your gratitude this Pet Appreciation Week, contact your trusted veterinarian today.