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Holiday Treat Safety for Your Pets

It can be hard denying your dog or cat’s sweet, begging face while you prepare a delicious holiday meal, but it’s vital to their well-being that you do not share harmful foods with them. Specific holiday favorites can pose serious health risks to your pet. 

Turkey and Turkey Bones 

A piece of white meat turkey without skin or fixings is safe for your pet and offers an excellent source of protein. However, the bones from your holiday turkey can be very dangerous if your pet ingests them, especially cooked bones. Bones can split or crack and cause tearing within your animal’s digestive tract, requiring immediate veterinary care. 


Pumpkin on its own is safe for your pet, but the pumpkin must be within its shelf life, as older pumpkins can develop mold that is highly toxic to animals when ingested. Pumpkins are also difficult to chew up. Therefore, your pet should only be given cooked pumpkins that are mashed or cut into small pieces that aren’t choking hazards. 


Chocolate contains theobromine which is hazardous to animals. When a cat or dog eats chocolate, they can become very sick. In some cases, pets will develop flu-like symptoms, and in other cases, they could be fatally ill. It is best to always keep chocolate far away from your beloved animals. 

Raisins and Grapes 

The tartaric acid found in raisins and grapes can make your dog sick. Ingesting grapes or raisins can cause kidney failure, turning the holidays into a terrifying time. Be sure to keep these foods far away from your pet. 

During the holidays and throughout the year, food safety is important to ensure your pet lives a long healthy life. If you need further guidance, don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian.